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October 20th, 2003

over the weekend, in the city of canberra, the anthology elsewhere was launched.

here's that spiffy cover again:

the book was given a launch speech by trudi canavan, who is the author of the black magician trilogy. i wasn't there for the launch, and i've never met trudi canavan, but her launch speech singled out 'the recipe' (among a four others) to be mentioned as one of her favourites:

"...in "The Recipe", by Ben Peek, the protagonist actively seeks to change the world himself by following a mysterious recipe.

1 hero with limited mental capacity
1 magical sword
2 horses
1 prophecy of vague but epic proclamations
1 easily manipulated but long lost king
17 bards of propaganda
1 villain of limited potential
47 minor henchmen

As with any recipe, timing, the quality of the ingredients and the adaptability of the chef are important for success."

which is not a bad a thing to say, really.

of course, she doesn't mention the love that two men on a quest can find, the horrendous but gleeful violence, the obvious influence of monty python's the holy grail, and the line, 'an orc never gave me syphilis'. but then i suppose they're not the things you really talk about at a book launch, are they?

bit of a shame that, but you can't have everything. you can check out the rest of the speech by going to the elsewhere link contained within these words.

House With 87 Cabinets.

over at the nightshade boards, jeff vandermeer came up with linked flash fiction game that he called 'the house with 87 cabinets'. basically, it involves a bunch of writers including liz williams, kj bishop, rhys hughes, michael cisco, jeffrey thomas, jay lake, and nick mamatas, having a bit of fun by putting things in cabinets.

i signed up at the start for a bit of fun, and contributed two entries.

the first one is found in part one on April the 24th, and the second one is in part two. i posted it up today.

anyhow, these'll probably never appear anywhere else, so feel free to take yourself over and have a read of them, and check out the entries by more respectable folk. and take a tour around the nightshade site, as they do fine books well worth the purchase.