October 5th, 2003


Magician Mauled by Tiger.

"Illusionist Roy Horn, the other half of the famed "Siegfried and Roy" entertainment duo, was fighting for his life after being savagely mauled by his act's tiger during a Las Vegas stage show.

The attack took place at about 8:20 pm, Friday, 50 minutes into the glittering duo's show, which has become one of the most popular in the desert gambling hub.

"We don't know what precipitated the attack and frankly we may never know, but the tiger lunged at Roy and he sustained a very serious injury to the left side of his neck," Feldman said."

probably didn't like working in vegas. anyhow, kinda inevitable and darkly amusing, isn't it? still, i'm hoping the tiger survives. i sympathise with it, since if i were working six nights a week in a casino, i'd have taken a chunk out of my boss' throat, too.
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Coming Soon: Elsewhere and Forever Shores.

Coming Soon:

elsewhere is an anthology of speculative fiction, edited by michael barry and published by csfg, and it'll be appearing soon. this is the cover. nifty, isn't it? twenty six stories, including the goodies/monty pythonesque fantasy comedy 'the recipe', which i wrote.

it contains the line, 'an orc never gave my syphilis.'

there'll be more to plug as the month continues, since the peter mcnamara and margaret winch anthology forever shores is also being released. should be a good month, fictionwise. actually, i'll like the cover image of forever shores as well, though it's a rough sketch for what the original will be. i wasn't going to for that reason, so i'll alter the heading and bingo, here we go:

there's a blurb here.

forever shores is edited by the respected team of mcnamara and winch, who released the anthology alien shores, which announced a whole new era in australian speculative fiction. some might disagree with that (certainly you could) but when the book came out in '94, i think, i was just finishing high school--or coming to the end of it, and thus avoiding studying for the hsc--and wondering what i would do with my time afterwards. i never did like the idea of employment, even back then. anyhow, it's an important thing for me to appear in this anthology, considering that.

the story that appears here is also a comedy, though it's of a different kind. slightly more serious, and without an easily placed reference point of the first, the story is called 'dr who? (or the day i learnt to love tom baker)'. it is about a boy and his father and a carboard cut-out of tom baker, because, really, every now and then, a story should be about these things.