September 25th, 2003


Where People Are From.

about a month and a bit ago, i had to put a new counter on this page. the previous i had started demanding money, and that wasn't going to happen. anyhow, under the directions of the net savvy n, i discovered the very nifty new free counter.

the best thing about this counter, however, is that it shows where the last two hundred hits have come from in this world tiny global world of ours. for a while, it was mainly a bunch of australians and some americans (listed that they're coming from the american education system, oddly enough), with the occasional canadian thrown in for good luck. there was also a bunch of network and commercial organisation folks that could have come from anywhere, but i suspect is in australian and america.

anyhow, this have changed of late. in the dead orbit world, we've had hits from the regular bunch of slacker australians and work avoiding americans and unknowns, but we've also gotten hits from:

new zealand.
south africa.
and the strange world of arplanet.

which, i'll be honest, is totally and utterly cool.