September 19th, 2003



"Panamanian protesters burn an effigy of Panama's President Mireya Moscoso during a protest against a government decision to fire the director of Panama's social security fund, in Panama City September 18, 2003. Panama's social security fund is seen as a rare pillar of justice by the poor, but is at the brink of bankrupty and faces an unpopular privatization."

Potato Monkey.

writing related news.

ben payne, editor for potato monkey, has taken one of my stories for his magazine.

it's the second in my linked stories to be taken. they begin as a homage to the style of sword and sorcery writing that fritz leiber created with the mouser and fafhrd series, but which is then filtered through a steampunk/sword and sorcery eye that is laced with distorted faerie lore. i'm quite fond of the characters and stories, really.

the story to appear in potato monkey is called 'night of the dead king' and is set in the city d'naatsi, and features the characters allandros daemozzan (the character from 'scratches in the sky' which appeared in agog! fantastic fiction, which takes place much later in the arc of stories than this new one), and the self described and self named chicken footed dwarf, balor bloodaxe.

i don't know when it'll appear, but it'll be plugged here when it does, because i have no shame.