September 14th, 2003


Magic Casements.

did the magic casements festival yesterday, which i've advertised for a few weeks on dead orbit.

i showed up late (i worked in the morning), but there appeared to be a load of people there, and i was told that this was the case for the entire day. i discovered that being on a panel got you a name badge, which resulted in your ability to get free food, drink, and secret hand shakes with one lovely girl who was working at the writing centre that day. i'm told that a few people were looking for me, which is a bit odd, but nice, though i didn't get to see them. (and thus have no idea who these people are. it was mentioned briefly to me while i was in a bar later, watching a robbie williams film clip where cockroaches crawl out of his mouth, and he takes two women off in his bedroom and has an insect filled threesome.)

the panel i was on went well, i'm told. it's hard to judge these things while you're up there, but the room was pretty much full, and there were some laughs, and insightful information given by deb biancotti, michelle marquardt, and kyla ward. what i brought to the proceeding is better left unexamined, i believe.

i'll also take this moment to say that nathan burrage, the chair of the session, was excellent, and i fully recommend him to anyone who needs a chairperson to make them look professional and capable. (having, of course, the three lovely ladies of deb, michelle, and kyla, will also aid you. i hear all four are available for birthday parties, naturally.)

in addition to this, i got to see more people that i like, discuss books and writing with well read, book loving people, proclaim myself a misunderstood genius, and abuse the lovely kim selling's digital camera for a while, though not necessarily in this order. it was a good day and evening. there are rumours of another being held next year, which, should it happen, i can only say to folks is worth the trip out. even if the panels don't catch your attention, the writing centre is in a lovely section of sydney, and it's only a short walk down to a nice harbouresque like view.