August 27th, 2003


The New Face of Prison Labour

"An advertising campaign poster for fashions produced in a Berlin prison is seen in an undated handout picture. People can by authentic blue prison jackets, striped blue and white shirts, trendy sneakers and black leather bags on a website."
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Wednesday: the Things I Learnt on the Train.

mars is in the sky, closer than it has been for sixty odd thousand years, and it is spectacularly unimpressive.

i tried to get into the whole mars-seen-with-the-naked-eye thing, but it's cold, and the grass is damp, and fuck it, with my naked eye, mars resembles the lights on a passing plane. i know those because a plane did pass over head, and for a moment the night sky was filled with three mars and a couple of other unidentified planets, burning out in an arc across the sky.

but i was there, i saw, so coloured me cultured for the moment.

on the train today, i watched a mother throw a tantrum because her kids were annoying. and they were annoying, but they're not my kids, so she should have tried to show a bit of class and not beat her fists against the plastic wall of the carriage in a way nearly identical to a kid on the ground, wailing while kicking and screaming. after she had done this, the mother sat down, swore some more at her kids, and propped her feet up all relaxed.

i preferred the drunk on the morning train. he was quiet.

and finally, while standing on parramatta station among they greying, pale suit people, i learnt you can now buy cherry coke.
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