August 19th, 2003


Hunt Batman/Conquer Mars.


"LONDON - Police have launched a manhunt for Batman, after a man dressed as the superhero beat another man unconscious outside of a cafe over the weekend.

"Police are hunting a man dressed as Batman who was involved in an assault in the early hours of Sunday morning," Thames Valley Police said in a statement on Monday.

Police rushed to the scene after the assault and the unconscious victim was whisked to the hospital. But the masked offender had already made his escape.

"The offender is thought to be white, but officers do not have any further description of him," the statement said."


"Russian scientists have announced plans to build a nuclear power station on Mars.

They say that all the necessary technical drawings have now been completed, and - after a few minor niggles have been ironed out - all will be ready for the construction work to begin.

Russia hopes to set up and running by 2030...

It [the power plant] will produce enough power for future Russian missions to the planet to be fully self-contained and will not need more than six engineers to maintain.

Scientists say that the station is now almost ready to be built - all they have to do is to find a way to protect staff and environment from radiation.

The only stumbling block is how to deliver ready-made building blocks to a construction site 300 million kilometres (186.4 million miles) away from Earth.

The plan is that the heavier equipment will be delivered to Mars by an automatic lander - like the European Beagle which is now making its way to the Red Planet.

The scientists say that more delicate goods will arrive in a manned spaceship."
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Burnt Beauty.

She was beautiful, but it was a creation: her nose had been broken and rebuilt, her lips inflated, her chin sculpted, her eyes stripped of their excess flesh, altered with contacts, and her hair dyed, cut, burnt, and then extended. They removed the blemishes from her skin, and coloured it, giving it a natural texture from unnatural elements, while shaping her breasts and siphoning away the extra fat in her thighs.

And, finally, when it was over, months after the creation began, she stepped, reborn, reimagined, from the clinics, and her head began grace the covers of magazines.

It has been suggested that beauty is not about perfection, or about features that will set one apart from another; instead, it is about being average. It is said, by these same people, that a beauty arises when there are no distinguishing features, when every part of a person is of average shape and design, that beauty begins with the smooth and average flow of their body.

It could be argued, then, that this girl (and thousands like her) had spent thousands of dollars to look average.
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Stripped Beauty.

"Ksenia Vidyaykina performs as a 1920's era strip tease dancer who takes off her cloths, and then her skin in a portion of 'Trapped,' a one woman performance which tells stories of women alone, confined, and forced into difficult choices, during a press preview of the New York International Fringe Festival."