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August 1st, 2003

Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses.

i bought tex perkins and the dark horses new album, sweet nothing today. after the first couple of spins, it plays strongly as a sweet, urban blues album, with a the promise of hope at its core. this is what sets it apart from perkins' previous album, dark horses. (the dark horses band was formed from that album. i saw them play in blaxland (it's in the blue mountains) on a Sunday afternoon, which is an odd time, but they're a fine band that accompanies perkins, and if you get the chance to see them live, i recommend it.)

the covers of dark horses and sweet nothing demonstrate the album difference more than my words could ever. the cover to dark horses offers a cold winter night, and the silhouette of perkins blowing his icy breath into the sky. sweet nothing, in comparison, finds the silhouette of perkins on a dark road, walking towards the bright dawn.

the cover photographer, kristyna, has done a fantastic job signaling the album differences.

Does This Appear Pro-Bush to You?


"Production IG, the company behind the 1998 classic "Ghost in the Shell," has acquired rights to create "Chronicles of Snake." Russell will provide the voice for the anime movie, which is scheduled for completion in 2005. A 30-second trailer is planned for inclusion on the upcoming collector's edition DVD of "Escape From New York."

now, is this cool, or what?

(i love escape from new york and escape from l.a.. good b-grade fun, with a one eyed hero. gotta love.)