July 13th, 2003


The Sleepy Jackson and Yuppy Scum.

i went and saw the sleepy jackson perform on Friday night. folks will have noted their album, lovers, playing as i write (which is still the case) and the chance to see them perform for twelve bucks was an opportunity i didn't want to miss.

(i had to move around previous engagements during the night to get there, but the ever lovely miss r. is a superbly forgiving lady who never held me to harshness over this. and i still made it to her gathering, so it was all good, and she got hugs and kisses and was wished well.)

anyhow: the sleepy jackson are a mix, i find, between the flaming lips and early smashing pumpkins, with a touch of white stripes here and there. (i've also heard them compared to mercury rev, but i've really not listened to enough of them to say yay or nay to for that.) it's all mixed in together to produce a sound that is uniquely their own. a sound that they carry from cd to live performance, which mixes in with an energy that turns the end of their songs into a instrumental jam, before launching into a new song. but that works too, because their energy carries it through.

the problem with watching the sleepy jackson, is their audience, which, frankly, is inner city trendy scum. yes, scum. a plague of individuals not fit for me use for genetic manipulation or meat products to sell to third world countries.

i mean, what else would i call a bunch of male and females who talk over the music they've come to hear? and let me tell you, this is the worse i've ever seen it: the second opening act was literally drowned out, and the sleepy jackson, when performing a softer song, were competing with their inane chatter.

i am, thus, forced to connect this noise to the fact that they were a trendy, fashion victimed collection of boys and girls, dressed identically in their denim and t-shirts and little op-shop hats. (well, okay, only the guy in front of me had a hat, and it was one step away from either a beret or one of those fluffy eared things.) i don't want to seem judgemental, but i can honestly say, that in every gig i've been to where people wore black in any way shape or form, total respect was given to the musicians, even those who were an opening act but weren't very good and didn't really deserve attentive ears. but it was given. and in none of these gigs has one person shouted out, or hassled the musician, or anything of the such. so i am forced now to make a conclusion:
fashionable victim scum shouldn't be allowed into pubs to hear music when i am there, and that if i see a collection of black clad people walking into a gig, it becomes a 'good audience' venue straight away.

sadly, my friend d., who dresses as a fashion victim of the trend, but who in this case as an alpha male (and wouldn't dream of talking over the music) managed to get picked up one of the inconsiderate like snots who recognised a like minded dresser, and we wish him the best with her. maybe he can impress onto her and those like her, that one shouldn't talk over the live music.
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