July 9th, 2003


Snip Snip

"FOR 18 months, Pat Skinner thought the ``sharp, cutting'' pain in her stomach was the after-effects of bowel surgery. It turned out to be a 15cm pair of scissors left behind in the operation."

jeez. you'd think she'd notice before a year and a half had passed...
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Shopping Death Again.

Japanese police today began questioning a junior high schoolboy suspected of murdering a four-year-old boy who was apparently thrown from a 20-metre-high carpark roof.

Japan's NHK TV reported that police had obtained a security video that captured the image of a young man with Shun Tanemoto, who was kidnapped and killed near a shopping mall in Japan's south-western Nagasaki prefecture.

They believe that the local junior high school student was involved in the murder.

Monkey Violence.

"About 40 monkeys went on the rampage in a western Bangladeshi village after one of their young was accidentally electrocuted.

The large monkeys, known as hanumans in Bangladesh, were eating nuts given by the residents of the remote Keshabpur village in Jessore district on Saturday, but ran off when a stone was thrown at them, the Bengali-language Sangbad Daily said, quoting residents.

A baby monkey was electrocuted after being caught in a live wire as they fled, sparking the animals to use sticks to attack several homes and shops in the village, the newspaper said.

They later left, taking the baby monkey's body."
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