May 2nd, 2003


X-Men 2, spoiler free.

i got into comics relatively late: i was seventeen, in year twelve, and i got the chicken pox. drove me fucking nuts. at one stage a poured a bottle of the lotion stuff they use to stop itching over my head. anyhow, i spent two weeks at home, and for the most part, i couldn't maintain the concentration required to read a book properly. i had, however, picked up a few comics here and there, most recently the x-titles because i was inspired by the X-Men cartoon. it wasn't much, and throughout my childhood i'd picked up the odd issue of Judge Dredd, GI Joe and a few other bits and pieces; but the two weeks with the chicken pox and my mother's sympathy, that's what turned me onto comics. the x-titles were where i started, and i've remained favourable to the concept and characters throughout the years, even if i have moved from buying them to not depending on who writes the titles.

so, needless to say, i am part of the target audience of X-Men films.

and this target audience is entirely pleased with X-Men 2.

it takes the natural leap to a bigger scale with the second film, making it more of an ensemble cast, rather than focusing on wolverine and rogue. which is good, because they've kept the characters interesting for the film, though for anyone who's familiar with the comic, you'll be able to predict the end a mile away, and you will be left thinking i know what the third film will be.

it's not a film for kids, by the way. it's darker and more violent than the first, which suits me perfectly, but i can't imagine a bunch of eight year olds enjoying some of the graphic scenes. (maybe they will. i don't know much about eight year olds.) it's got the same sense of style to the first film, so if you liked that, i imagine you'll like this, though the plot is somewhat more plausible and interesting than that of the first film. this might be because it's lifted from God Loves, Man Kills but i haven't read that graphic novel, so someone else will have to yay or nay it.

hugh jackman remains the fun, stylish wolverine who is great to watch, and famke janssen as jean grey is actually more interesting than i thought possible for that character, while alan cumming as nightcrawler is excellent, and halle berry gets a larger role than i thought. anna paquin, however, is fine, but under used.

but for me, it is ian mckellen and rebecca stamos-rojin(?) as magneto and mystique that are the true life of the film this time 'round.
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Surreal Moment.

after the film, i went to the toilet, and into the little cubicle because i am not an animal to be lined up at the trough.

when i stepped out, four buddhist monks were standing at the trough, evenly spaced along it. each one was a small asian man with a shaved head, and each had their dusty red and orange robes hiked up, and was silently taking a piss.

it was utterly surreal.
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