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April 24th, 2003

While Doing Research...

i came across this:

'When habitual car thief Kenneth Patrick Nolan was pulled over by police yesterday, he calmly rolled a cigarette and told them: ``I won't fuck you around. The car is stolen.'''

beautiful, isn'it it?


'A woman allegedly kicked a female police officer in the head following a dispute about the volume setting on a TV set.'

ever get the feeling you're not getting the whole story?


'A man poured petrol over himself and attempted to set himself alight following an argument with his de facto wife, a court heard yesterday. David Babak, 30, tried to set himself on fire but his lighter wouldn't work.'


'A man who sent birthday and Valentine's Day cards to his estranged wife was charged breaching a restraining order.'

because, as an AVO says, it's no contact. funny line though, isn't it? i wonder if hallmark does a card for those with an AVO?

new album.

their first album was spooky, and cool, and this one sounds neat too.