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April 12th, 2003

Late Night Observation.

#35: Have you ever noticed how late night talk shows, like Leno and Letterman, have so many commercials? Sometimes I feel like I'm watching late night commercials with narration by Letterman or Leno, who appear to become less and less funnier as life continues. I swear I heard people cheering when Letterman said, "We dropped four two thousand pound bombs on Saddam."

But I could be wrong. I was pouring rat poison into my drink, in a futile attempt to end this late night life of mine.

Atheist Prayer.

"SALT LAKE CITY - An atheist who sought to pray in City Council meetings for deliverance "from weak and stupid politicians" got the blessing of the Utah Supreme Court on Friday."

link: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/ap/20030412/ap_on_re_us/prayer_lawsuit&e=1

it's funny.