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March 8th, 2003

the Devil's Backbone.

the Devil's Backbone is a horror film directed by the fellow who brought Blade II and Mimic to the screen, guillermo del toro. looking at those two american made films, one would not have much hope for the spanish made horror film by the same guy, but the truth is, the Devil's Backbone is a surprisingly good film. it's not perfect, as i think he gives away the ghost too early (an image of it) and the resolution of the film doesn't quite hang together.

it has some wonderful images in it, though: the bomb sticking in the middle of the school, the ghost of the boy santi, and just the general look of the film. there are times when i think the film could have been richer, visually, and when some of the characters could have been fleshed out more, but the main characters are well handled. considering two of these and young boys, no older than twelve, and how much i actively dislike films with children protagonists, this is no mean feat.

(i can't stand that haley joel whateverhisnameis kid from the Sixth Sense. stop putting him and children in films, just stop it.)

the Devil's Backbone is about carlos, a newly orphaned boy who is left in a school for other orphaned children, and the ghost that haunts it, and the civil war raging around it. i suspect i might have been some things as i'm not huge on my spanish civil war history, but even without that, it's a good film, worth the time.

My Nemesis, Part 1.

On Saturday the 8th of March, I acquired a nemesis.

I don't know her name. She told me it, but I forgot, and I do not wish to ask again. At any rate, I have named her: Nemesis. The name takes on a decidedly feminine flavour now that I can hang it on a body. The body, in this situation, belongs to a young woman of average height, brown and blonde hair, and designer clothes.

My Nemesis has apparently decided on what kind of individual i am without speaking to me. This appears to not be a very pleasant image, though by all accounts it is much more exciting than the life I usually lead, which has left me feeling somewhat confused, because I've always thought that drowning kittens in a bag would be a fine way to spend my Friday night, but thought it was socially unacceptable.

I first became aware of this image one week ago, when I was informed that disliking the Rice Crisp Chips were unacceptable. Apparently, not finding enjoyment in a water cracker flavoured with salt and vinegar implies that you (or in this case, I) enjoy slaughtering babies and burning of puppies. My Nemesis, with a cheerful, Revlon smile, informed me that she now had, "An entire image of what your life is like. It's like there, right there."

Afterwards, I went and purchased a large knife, and began scarring myself.

When I see my Nemesis next, I am going to tell her about the dreams I have, where I am stuffing cottons buds soaked with cocaine into the mouths of disabled children. I will make sure to carry a bag of cotton buds with me.