February 18th, 2003


The Time Jesus Comments.

do people read the comments that are sitting around here? i'm not sure, but people should check out the time jesus ones, because there is god in there now, and a bunch of time travelers, and it's funny to write god. i think perhaps because i've always seen myself as someone wanted to me omniscient, but couldn't manage the voice.

of course, it's not all my fault. mari ness, the author of the fine collection of erotica Tongues of Fire, is quite clearly obsessed with the availability of coffee for time travelers, which is also getting a fair beating with jokes. people should check out her web page at http://www.mariness.com from or go to amazon.com and buy her book. (most people who come buy this journal probably know who mari is, but for the few who don't, it can't hurt.)

anyhow, i just thought i'd make one of those nice public announcements.

on the coffee related situation, there is a magazine called Too Much Coffee Man which can be found at http://www.toomuchcoffeeman.com and i reckon it's one of the coolest magazines around, with neat comic strips and articles of a readable nature inside. one day i'll have something worthy to submit, and they can reject me in the way that hurts most, and i'll never read it again...

but until then. Too Much Coffee Man, worthy of your attention.
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