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February 10th, 2003

Resident Evil.

Resident Evil is not a very good film.

if you watch the dvd, you will find out that everyone put what appears to be a lot of work into it, but they're misguided and it's still a bad film. the problem can also be found in the extra features, where the director says, 'i didn't want to make the film cartoonish.' what he fails to realise, of course, is that he is making a film about zombies, taken from a video game, and, well, it's a big mishmash video gave thing.

in other words, if there is a time to be cartoonish and cut loose, a zombie film is the time to do so. perhaps i'm in the minority here, but there were times when it was doing so, and they were the best bits. and i mean, milla jovovich runs around in a red mini dress, carrying guns and kicking but--and you know, this isn't particularly realistic, so why not go wild? part of me wants to like a film with milla running around in a red mini dress and kicking butt, it just needs to be, you know, fun.