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January 21st, 2003


the western suburbs of sydney are blanketed in smoke today. it's a dull grey haze that the world is filtered through.

it could be worse. last year, it was a burnt orange, and ashes floated onto your car.

Flannery O'Connor Award.

Title: Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction
Sponsor: University of Georgia Press


The sponsor selects two winners of the Flannery O'Connor Award for
Short Fiction. Authors of winning manuscripts receive a cash award of
$1,000 and their collections are subsequently published by the Press
under a standard book contract. The sponsor may occasionally select
more than two winners.

Deadline(s): 31/05/2003
Established Date: 21/08/2002
Follow-Up Date: 01/02/2004
Review Date: 15/01/2003


Address: Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction
330 Research Drive
Athens, GA 30602-4901
E-mail: books@ugapress.uga.edu

Program URL: http://www.ugapress.org/pressinfo/subguide_flan.html
Tel: 706-369-6130
Fax: 706-369-6131
Deadline Ind: Postmark
Deadline Open: No


Manuscripts must be submitted between April 1 and May 31. (Postmark
should be no later than May 31.)

Award Type(s): Prizes/Awards

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution:
Any/No Restrictions

Locations Tenable: Any/No Restrictions

Appl Type(s): Artist/Writer/Etc.

Target Group(s): NONE
Funding Limit: $1,000
Duration: 0
Indirect Costs: Unspecified
Cost Sharing: No
Sponsor Type: Miscellaneous Non-Federal

Geo. Restricted: NO RESTRICTIONS



The sposnor provides awards in short fiction.


The competition is open to writers in English, whether published or
unpublished. All manuscripts must be accompanied by a $20 submission
fee. Only money orders drawn on a U.S. bank are acceptable. (icm)

Nature of the Dump.

you know, i'll generally drop anything into this livejournal these days. i chucked up that flannery o'connor thing, after all. the why or reason to it or anymore, i say. feel free to write whatever you want as a reply.

i need some new music, is what i need. i'm scraping the bottom of the music bin at the moment, listening to ghost of the robot. (though the opening line to that valerie song, 'got an old smith's record and i put it on endlessly' is not bad.) anyhow, ghost of the robot isn't bad, but their lead singer is the fellow who plays spike on buffy. i saw the musical episode recently, which is about the only episode of buffy i've really liked, and i thought, hey, he isn't bad. but i mean, i'm finding my music through fucking tv shows now... come on. if only the radio hadn't turned into such a wasteland over the last year. i don't know who to go for in the i hope they die first contest: musicians, or radio personalities.

it used seem like interesting music would be released every week. it doesn't seem that way anymore, which has probably more to do with my tastes than anything else. it's the same with books. it seemed that an interesting book was released every week, but this no longer seems the case.

maybe it just seems that way at the beginning, when everything is fresh, and new. could be. don't suppose anyone has any new and fresh and neat things they'd like to share?

if all continues this way, i think i'll book a flight to sweden and have some assisted suicide. when they ask me why, i'll say, 'have you heard the kind of music they make these days?'

they'll look at me, not sure what to think.

then i'll say, 'and you remember the last really good book that was released?' and they'll mix up a whole serving of those tonics, to free us all.