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January 8th, 2003

The World is Not Enough.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have given advice to Australian's, suggesting that it is not advisable to travel to Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Said the spokesman, "Despite the fantastic rollercoasters and free fairy floss that is given out to all people who go to those countries, we just don't think it's safe. Last week, on the bumper cars, a little boy hit his head, suffering a bruise. we can't have that happening to more people."

With a shuffle of his papers, the stocky, dark haired spokesman added, "But Britain and America are regularly maintaining their theme parks, and they are quite safe to visit."

The Evil that Google.

google, the search engine, has a new policy: don't be evil.

there's an article at wired.com about it, and how google has caved on the purity of giving information to retain one of the top search engines. not listing slurs (the example cited in the article is that someone said something against john malkovich and got taken off the engine) and anti information, to, as the example was in this case, a site that is against scientology.

wired.com doesn't have a very critical view of this, painting it more as a responsible company ensuring their business. i'm sure it is, in a way, but it demonstrates aptly that freedom of information and speech on the net is something being continually chipped away from.