January 6th, 2003


Two Percent Peace.

according to an international survey, "only two per cent of Australians expect peace in 2003."

now apparently the most troubled and fearful country in the world, australians could learn a few things from kenyans, of which fifty four percent of the population said it'd be peaceful. the kenyans, a bright eyed and bushy tailed bunch of folks, also polled seventy seven per cent when asked if they excepted 2003 to be better than 2002.

ironically, fifty one per cent of australians think 2003 will be an improvement on 2002.
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the raelians have cloned a second baby.

i, personally, think it's fantastic. i don't understand the problems people are having from cloned babies--all these apparent ethical dilemmas seem to me to be standing in the way of a perfectly legitimate scientific experimentation, that offers the next revolution in our life. cloning offers so much of a change to life (with everything it potentially offers, not just cloned babies) that people should pushing their governments into it. and, personally speaking, i wouldn't be giving birth to a clone baby since the fatality of clones is considered to be quite high (or was with animals at any rate), though i suppose the fatality with everything is high in the end. but still.

i think half the shit storm about the cloned babies comes from the fact that they've been born to a cult of folks who believe we were all cloned by aliens. if the catholic church popped up with a cloned baby in December, and held it high in the sky, there would have been people calling it some sort of miracle. of course, it's not something likely to happen, but i think if someone more legitimate an organisation had paraded the first clone baby out, then the reactions would be different. i don't think the world would be marching for little clone girl, but i think folks would be a little more open minded.

of course, the truly disturbing question, is why a cult that believes humans were cloned by aliens, would allow the first cloned baby to be called 'Eve'.
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