June 3rd, 2002


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i would like to get my hands on the suburban songs that run in triple m. they're basically songs done to popular tunes about suburbs in sydney. i heard one on granville while in steven spam's car, since he's the only person i know who likes that radio station. (you have to be, ethically, against any station that lets people vote for cold chisel.) as anyone might guess, the granville song was quite insulting--everyone fears robbery in granville, that sort of thing.

granville's a bit of a dump, but it's not that. anyhow, i think the songs would prove interesting.

in addition to this, my year nine english class told me tales of gangs and violence in cabramatta and fairfield. how nice of them, yes? apparently, all the gangs (read: sixteen year old kids who aren't a gang) model themselves on the film Armed and Dangerous or is it Young and Dangerous? i can never remember which. still. interesting.
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