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Velvet Revolver...


yeah, i bought the velvet revolver cd, contraband. fuck you all, i don't care. i got addicted to the single, slither, and i downloaded a few tracks, and the next thing i knew, i was handing over a plastic twenty for it. and you know, what the fuck, it's a good album. there, i said it. it has a real nice repeatability, and it's fast and nasty and has the line, 'someone raped my tapeworm abortion'.

i only ever liked the stone temple pilots in a passing fashion. the problem was that i mostly didn't like the music behind the songs. some of it i did ('the big empty' and 'tripping on a paper heart' for example) but it was mostly scott weiland's vocals that brought me in, and there were times when the band just drowned him out. maybe this wasn't the case outside the few albums i heard, but whatever, i never pursued. and, of course, when guns-n-roses released the appetite for destruction album, i was twelve or something younger, and it was great. the drugs, the sex, the guitars... what can i say. i think i still have a copy of it lying around here somewhere. later albums were either truly awful, or just undisciplined, with nine minute ballad songs that hurt your teeth with the sweetness.

three members of guns-n-roses, guitarist slash, bass player duff, and drummer matt sorum, along with dave kushner on guitars, form the backbone of velvet revolver. it doesn't sound like guns-n-roses, there are no slash guitar solos, and with scott weiland at the front, it doesn't sound like stone temple pilots, which is a goodness. the music is about sex and drugs and mental breakdowns and family and the classic self doubt and loathing that all goes along with this kind of alternative rock.

still, i like it. fuck it, hey. it goes along with my johnny cash this week.


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Jun. 20th, 2004 10:22 am (UTC)
My motto is enjoy whatever music you enjoy without guilt. I have a friend who will never like anyone after they become popular. That just seems to be kind of sad to me. She has this coolness cult and I guess I am just past that. I like a wide variety of music, including Johnny Cash (who I once saw live when I was 17. My dad is a big fan.) We were in the 12th row and he put on a helluva show.

However, even in my mellowness and my live and let live attitude, I reserve the right to mock all teen pop divas, boy and girl bands, ballads and Idols. :-)
Jun. 21st, 2004 05:18 am (UTC)
i only feel bad when i like really popular music ;)

but mostly, i just thought that was funny when i wrote it. still do. and cash was cool, though i like more of his later stuff than the earlier songs.
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