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Dawn of the Dead.

i haven't seen the original dawn of the dead, but i hear it has subtext. that would give it at least one thing the new version doesn't have.

still, the film is funny, and i dig ving rhames to the point that, even though he didn't do any acting, and rather stood around and looked mean and solitary and shot zombies, that that was enough. it's also a quick film: zombies appear within five minutes, and then the suburban world turns into one big zombie feast, and then, within another minutes, the main characters are in the shopping mall and there are zombies outside, trying to get in. this, btw, is where i suspect the subtext would come in. but there's none in this film, absolutely none, and no explanation of the zombies or point or anything at all to them, which isn't such a bad thing, but since there was a pretty weak plot to the film, i couldn't help but ask myself questions about the zombies.

the film isn't badly made, either. it's nicely put together, and the director, zack snyder, handles his action as if he's played enough video games, and understands the visceral quality of a good exploding head. the summing up line i'm looking for here is 'this is a fine first person shooter that should appear to funs of gore'.

i preferred 28 days later, the last zombie film i saw, because that dealt with it characters in a more interesting way, and gave us a sense of the world that wasn't so limited. however, 28 days later didn't have a johnny cash song in it's opening credits, and i can still remember that song...

johnny cash did some fine music. really fine.

oh, what, dawn of the dead? well, it's a slick first person shooter, at times funny, at times gruesome, and on that level, i enjoyed it.

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