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No matter what you get told, it just isn't as easy to poison your neighbours as you think it might be.

But, anyhow. I've been running this livejournal for a while now, and it's fun, for the most part. I don't like to think of it as a static kind of thing, and I try to get a bit of different things going through, since I figure the small amount of people who pass through would rather have something interesting, rather than something boring. But at the moment, I'm kinda feeling as if this thing is stuck in a bit of the regular pattern (a dead orbit, if you will allow, which was always my bit own bit of amusement for a blog name) and I figured it wouldn't hurt none to start chopping things up a bit. Stretching. Kicking. Whatever, so long as it's a bit different. Except, really, I'm not so sure what those different things ought to be.

So, I've seen catvalente give people a bit of a selection of what they'd like to read, and it's an idea that's crawled round in my head for about fifteen minutes. For her, it's usually one of about three or four things that she's into, and results in bringing a bit of different content every now and then to her livejournal. Worth nicking for kicking, I guess. Anyhow, like a goldfish going round in his bowl, the idea will probably fade from me soon, so I figured I'd go ahead and post it up. If no one responds, then whatever, y'know?

If you guys and girls have got anything you'd like to see written about on this livejournal, now's your chance to go right on and say. Assuming, of course, you got anything you'd like to see. You might like this livejournal as it is. You might hate it. You might never read it, which in that case, I got nothing for you, have I. But whatever you've got, feel free to drop it into the comments and then shake and see what rises to the surface.

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