Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Cinema Knowledge: Troy and Origin Night.

one of the things i learnt very early on, when i was still working as an usher, and hadn't yet begun the four years i would spend working as a projectionist, was that the state of origin night is one of the deadest nights in cinema trade.

for the people living outside australia, you're probably wondering what the fuck is origin night is... well, simply put, it's a sport thing. a football thing, actually, and if you're one of those picky sods who say 'what kind of football?' then it's a rugby league thing. if you can't pick up my dismissive tone, then i suggest you reread the previous sentence and put the tone in there. but, anyhow, in sydney, nothing stops the city at night quicker than origin, when the two states nsw and queensland, play. people leave work early, they take the phone off the hook, they fire up the big screen tv, and they work up a nice buzz which is really what makes football watchable, since it's an utterly stupid game about twenty six guys tossing a ball around a field and going from one end to the other in short shorts.

so, yeah, not a fan.

but, origin nights (and there are three a year) leave the world dead, and if you're one of those kind of people who like to go to movie theatres when there's no-one there, then you're in luck. which, being as i am one of those people, is what i did with another one of those people. we watched troy.

at the end of the film, you will think that the people of troy are stupid, and that the entire trojan war happened within a month.

find something else to watch.

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