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Little Things in Life.

from alasdair:

Let's call it the "Little things in life" meme.

List five little things which make you happy/satisfied/give you pleasure. Don't go for the obvious ones like second-hand bookshops, warm baths, icecream, wanking, seeing a band live or whatever. Odd little things, which give you a little frisson and make things better, even if just for a moment.

which is different, so here it is:

1) the smoothness of my head after it's been shaved and its still wet.
2) the feel of a book that hasn't been read before. not just a book i haven't read or someone else has read, like a library book, but a book that hasn't been read by anyone. a book that, in all likelihood, i will be the only one to read.
3) the generation one transformers. toys, comics, all of my childhood has drained into these things, and they've got a fizz for me.
4) eyes.
5) linda perry's voice.

so there you go: banal, faintly disturbing, and with an odd reference at the end for most, i'm sure.
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