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gomez, split the difference.

i am listening to gomez's new album, split the difference.

there are two things that stick in my mind whenever i listen to gomez. the first is the album liquid skin, which i like a whole heap, and the second is one of my friends telling me that the band made nothing by ugly hippy stoner music, which might just be true, depending on what your definitions for that kind of subgenre of music is. but, still, i dig the kind of music that gomez make... and yet, for the most part, i was disappointed by their previous album, in our gun. that album felt like it had been banged together and slapped out, much like the b-side album they released shortly before it, abandoned shopping trolley.

split the difference, however, is a solid album. it may even be a better album than liquid skin, though only time will prove this. it does, however, have a lot of repeat play ability, and is one of those albums that grow upon you the more you play it. there are tracks that stand out, such as 'sweet virginia', with its catchy chorus, the quick, snappy 'catch me up', and a bunch of others that i am struggling to find ways to describe, other than that they sound good, and complement each other in the album.

which is a good thing.

and now, since my brain is melting, i am going to go and sleep. say goodnight.

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