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Stanislaw Lem.

stanislaw lem is eighty three years old, and he's an outspoken, harsh, lucid bastard. it's fucking great:

Space has become an arena of rivalry between the great powers, and a hallmark of prestige.

This is not development but militarization, pure and simple. Moreover, it has nothing to do with the Universe: All that matters is within 300 kilometers from the Earth. Militarily, say, the Moon is not very important: After all, 400,000 km is way too far. As for prestige, it is not worth a brass farthing. What really counts is the speed of information transfer. Should a stock exchange go bust someplace in Hong Kong, the whole world will learn about this within two seconds. I am not an expert on economics, but this is what globalization is all about. As for space, it will be the domain of astronomers, astronauts, astrophysics, and so on.

What about Solaris then?

Excuse me, but this is science fiction.

Then perhaps there was no call to argue with Tarkovsky?

Frankly, I only saw the second part of his film. Still, Tarkovsky had a message to deliver. And then he had great talent, while this pathetic Soderbergh--

But you said yourself, didn’t you, that Hollywood would make a mess of it — and then gave your consent.

I did. And I got $500,000 for letting them botch the job. I don’t want to see Solaris: I have read all sorts of things about the film. Now the Americans are going to make another of my books into a film. But I have not given my consent.

right here.

and his personal website is here.

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