Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


last night, i found myself standing in fox studios, lured by the promise of a free hour long gig by jet.

that word free gets me into a lot of trouble, i've noted. case in point: the all ages jet gig i ended up at. now, it's not that i have anything against people of all ages, but the hour i spent watching the channel v hosts bring up teenage kids to sing badly along to the beginning of one of jet's songs (as you can see, i'm a big big fan) made me doubt the wisdom of my choice. the event, it appeared, was not being aimed at someone of my cynical disposition, and by the time they'd cycled through to the air guitarist who sang poorly, i was beginning to look around for vantage points to set up my sniper nest. dead channel v tv hosts were a little fantasy dancing in my head, to be honest. the fantasy got a little bigger when the band arrived, and were then interviewed in what is by now the cliched rock-band-cigarettes-and-beer-holding pose.

and no, i can't recall a word they said. shocking, isn't it?

when the band got to play, it took them a good fifteen minutes to work off the channel v presenter funk, but to be honest, they were never fantastic. even tim rogers from you am i appearing for two songs failed to lift my interest--partly, it must be said, because i've never liked you am i, and rogers' microphone didn't work for his first song. guess i'm picky like that.

jet had a few good moments that suggested that they'd actually be worth paying for, but i'd get a second opinion on that.

still, i guess i got what i paid for, huh?

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