Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

you won't believe the band i'm talking about.

last night, flipping channels, i came across an interview with the band hanson. if you don't remember the name, i'm sure the image of three annoying boys going mmm-bop will bring back some sort of repressed memory. it did for me. i was all set to switch the channel, check my 'why aren't they dead yet' list, when they began talking about owning their own label and being in charge of their own music.

that music, btw, was still blank and inoffensive pop rock.

but it appeared that hanson, escaping the corporate controlled world, had decided to use the 'net and touring to promote their fan base and album. the last bit isn't that much of a surprise, but the net part caught my interest. of course, when i did go to their site this morning, i really couldn't tell the difference between old hanson and new hanson, and since they will be shortly performing on ellen (which i'm pretty sure is a talk show with that annoying ellen woman), i suspect that there isn't any real difference between them at all.

except, of course, that they control their music, and that they have their band out of the influence of corporate entities. now, i may not like the music (and i don't), but this is nothing but a good thing, especially if it is happening with a band with such a corporate history.

the music industry is changing, and this is one of the examples.

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