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In Canberra.

canberra is a quiet city with a lot of carparks. it might be that there are more carparks than people, but since i was there on a long weekend, it's hard to tell.

however, i spent most of my time in a hotel, attending the conflux convention. had myself a good time, met many people i had conversed with over email, and found them to be entirely lovely and lacking strange odours, which is a total plus. i lost the award i was up for, but i lost it to kirsten (kj) bishop and there is nothing harsh in that. (i was, in fact, quite pleased to see her win, and also pleased to see her win for the etched city in the novel category.) and forever shores, edited by peter mcnamara and margaret winch, and which contains a story of mine, won for best anthology. (it won jointly with agog! terrific tales, edited by cat sparks, who also won for best cover.)

there was a neat book launch for agog! smashing stories, where jack dann said many things designed to make people buy the book, which they, in turn, did.

i did a couple of panels, which i enjoy doing. i decided, when i first began doing panels, that they were kind of boring, and i would thus treat them as a stand-up/performance space. sometimes i'm darker, sometimes meaner, sometimes funnier: it depends on how the panel is going, and how the audience is reacting to certain comments.

that said, however, the first panel bled people from the opening until the end, possibly because it wasn't what people wanted and kind of crap. (both of which had nothing to do with me, i was told.) the second, a humour panel, was in complete opposite to the first, and it grew, and by the end, the room was mostly full, suggesting that people got something out of it, and was good. (this, probably, had very little to do with me, either. but no one was so impolite as to say this.)

it was, as i said earlier, a good time. i met people and chatted and, thanks to justine l, ended up buying a lead belly album.


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Apr. 27th, 2004 12:35 am (UTC)
I think there are more carparks than people, but then I see everyone trying to find a park, and begin to doubt my judgment.

My theory is that one of the reasons Canberra doesn't have a thriving social scene is that everyone who can leaves at every opportunity - on long weekends especially, they depart to the coast of Sydney or even Melbourne, and in the winter they go to the snow.
Apr. 27th, 2004 12:42 am (UTC)
my friends, who weren't at a convention, but out in pubs and clubs, said that people came out then, too. they saw more people there, they reckoned, than at any time during the day.

they were pretty shocked with the casino, though, since it was only one floor. in return, the casino took their money quickly :)
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