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Berlin Bins Speak.

"In a uniquely German mix of hi-tech gadgetry and environmental awareness, Berlin authorities are installing talking trash cans in some of the German capital's most popular squares.

Pop your litter into one of the bins and it's liable to say thank you. Or welcome you to Berlin in English, French or Japanese. Or even sing.

After a successful trial period, 20 of the bins have been installed in the Zoologischer Garten area of western Berlin's biggest shopping district and at the bustling business and entertainment hub of Potsdamer Platz.

"The bins all have a name corresponding to their various characteristics," said Bernd Mueller of Berlin's municipal rubbish collection agency.

There's Siggy Sport, which shouts "Gooaaal!" when someone drops in trash. Kalle Kiez (Kalle from the 'hood) says "Thanks, really cool of you."

Susi Schlau (smartie Susan) is the clever, trilingual bin. Finally there's Hitlist Harry, which belts out "Fill me, O please fill me now" to a soft pop tune.

The orange bins look just like any other, except they are equipped with a solar panel on their lid and have a sound mechanism."

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