Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Observation #34

Recently, I caved into my ISPN's offer to use their anti-spam system. I clicked their grey button with my slightly less grey button and now I am billed and rescued.

It's really quite cheap, but still, I feel cheated. I have this odd belief that if my ISPN has a huge machine to save me from spam that, because they are my ISPN and joyful net connection is their job, they should rescue me for free. Part of the contract, if you follow me. I would have even helped my ISPN come up with a catchy tune for the moment in which it arrives with its big bad machine and performs the slow and painful death I want on the people who offered me larger testicles, degrees in fiance, and all the medical supplies I could swallow and inject into myself. It would be one of those glorious and violent moments... but, naturally, after clicking the grey button, the end result of violence was rather modern and I never got to see the bodies.

And now my email is empty, and for the last two days, there hasn't been one offer by a young woman to watch her get naked in front of her webcam, or any pleas for me save a third world child.

It's lonely and getting dark.
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