Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Giant Robot Fantasy, #75

My giant robot would be kept, during the day, in the middle of Sydney Harbour, beneath the bridge and water. (It would be safe in that way that things in Sydney Harbour always are.) Lying in the control head, I would watch the marine life float before the robot's giant glass eyes, all slippery and wet and full of colour and disease, and then at night, would rise up and begin terrorising Sydney by eating seven Italian sports cars.

It's the attention to details that really bring terror home, y'know?

(yeah, i don't know why i put this in either. btw, if you like giant robots, rob hood has an anthology of giant monsters (daikaiju!) in the works). rob (and robin pen) are big monster guys who really know their stuff, so it's got a lot of big monster fun promise. submit, wait to read, i dunno--who posted the link in my livejournal? i already knew about it, but here i am putting a link to it. it's the morning. it's too early for me. still, off to work, hoping my train is attacked by giant robots, i go.
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