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the ditmar nomination thing has show up.

Professional Categories

Novel – Any work of science fiction, fantasy or horror of more than 40,000 words (44 nominees, 222 nominations).

___ The Etched City, K J Bishop, Prime Books

___ The High Lord, Trudi Canavan, Harper Collins

___ Abhorsen, Garth Nix, Allen & Unwin

___ Fallen Gods, Jonathon Blum & Kate Orman, Telos
___ Orphans of Earth, Sean Williams & Shane Dix, Harper Collins

___ No Award

Novella or Novelette – Any work of science fiction, fantasy or horror of 7,500 to 40,000 words (37 nominees, 114 nominations).

___ Alien Space Nazis Must Die, Chuck McKenzie (Elsewhere)

___ Sigmund Freud & the Feral Freeway, Martin Livings (Agog!)
___ Louder Echo, Brendan Duffy (Agog!)

___ Uncharted Leigh Blackmore (Agog!)

___ Rynemonn, Terry Dowling (Forever Shores)

___ La Sentinelle, Lucy Sussex (Southern Blood)

___ No Award

Short Story – Any work of science fiction, fantasy or horror less than 7,500 words (107 nominees, 287 nominations).

___ The Mark of His Hands, Chuck McKenzie (Orb 5 April

___ The Singular Life of Eddie Dovewater, Deb Biancotti, Agog!

___ Kijin Tea, Kyla Wall, Agog!

___ Room for Improvement, Trudi Canavan, Forever Shores

___ The Truth About Pug Roberts, Kirstyn McDermott, Southern Blood

___ Frozen Charlottes, Lucy Sussex, Forever Shores

___ No Award

Collected Work – Any collection of science fiction, fantasy or horror (anthology, magazine, journal, ezine or webzine) which must pay contributors in other than contributor copies and incidentals, or is sponsored by an institution other than a fan club, or the editors of which declare the work to be professional (22 nominees, 230 nominations).

___ Agog! Terrific Tales, Cat Sparks, Agog! Press

___ Elsewhere, Michael Barry, CSFG Publishing

___ Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Nigel Read, ASIM Publishing Cooperative

___ Southern Blood, Bill Congreve, Sandglass Enterprises

___ Forever Shores, Peter McNamara & Margaret Winch, Wakefield Press

___ No Award

Best Artwork – An artwork is a single work or a series of related works of art in any medium other than text (44 nominees, 165 nominations).

___ Axis Trilogy cover by Greg Bridges (written by Sara Douglass)

___ Elsewhere cover by Les Petersen (edited by Michael Barry)

___ Agog! Terrific Tales cover by Cat Sparks (edited by Cat Sparks)

___ The High Lord cover by Les Petersen (written by Trudi Canavan)

___ Fables & Reflections 5 cover by Trudi Canavan (edited by Lily Chrywenstrom)

___ No Award

Fannish Categories

Fan Writer – For a work or body of work. The writer must have not received any payment other than contributor copies or incidentals (31 nominees, 69 nominations).

___ Bruce Gillespie

___ Edwina Harvey

___ Danny Oz (nee Heap)

___ Grant Watson

___ Paul Ewins

___ No Award

Fan Artist – For a work or body of work. The artist must have not received payment other than contributor copies or incidentals (10 nominees, 27 nominations).

___ Les Petersen, Battle Elf (Conflux) poster

___ Dick Jenssen, Extensive body of work

___ Phil Wlodarczyk, Cartoons in Ethel the Aardvark

___ Miriam English, Diverse Universe & Solar Spectrum 3

___ No Award

Fan Production – For work in any medium. The author or artist must not have received payment other than contributor copies or incidentals (14 nominees, 44 nominations).

___ Swancon 2003 Opening Ceremony & Video, Swancon 2003 Committee

___ Spaced Out website, Geoff Allshorn & Miriam English

___ Elsewhere Book Launch, CSFG

___ The Mega Panel, Aaron Jacks & Mitch (Continuum 2003)

___ Mondays’s Perfect Match, Ian Mond (Continuum 2003)

___ No Award

Fanzine – For work in any medium. The writer or artist must not have received payment other than contributor copies or incidentals. Eligible works include, but are not limited to, a periodical, journal, ezine or webzine (26 nominees, 80 nominations).

___ The Australian SF Bullsheet, Edwina Harvey & Edwin Scribner

___ Three-Eyed Frog, Paul Ewins & Sue Ann Barber

___ Fables & Reflections, Lily Chrywenstrom

___ Dark Animus, James Cain

___ No Award, Russell B Farr

___ Fandom is my life, Danny Oz (nee Heap)

___ No Award

Special Award Categories – Special Awards recognize outstanding achievements in science fiction, fantasy or horror not eligible in the existing categories.

The William Atheling Jr. Award – For the writing or editing of criticism or review pertaining to the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror (29 nominees, 57 nominations).

___ Bruce Gillespie

___ Jonathan Strahan

___ Lee Battersby

___ Jason Nahrung

___ Grant Watson

___ No Award

Best New Talent – For excellence of professional achievement in any field of the genre by an individual who has not been nominated for a professional award three or more years before the year the award is held. An individual is only eligible for two consecutive years (35 nominees, 89 nominations).

___ K J Bishop

___ Ben Peek

___ Brendan Duffy

___ Glenda Larke

___ Anna Tambour

___ Monica Carroll

___ No Award


Distribution and reproduction of this Voting Form without alteration or amendment is encouraged. The person responsible for distributing or reproducing this Voting Form is: Mark Loney

the highlights in category order.

* kirsten (k j) bishop has picked up a nomination for her novel the etched city. in addition, she also picked up a nomination for best new talent.

* brendan duffy continues to pick up a bunch of kudos for 'louder echo' (it'll be appearing in the hartwell years best science fiction, if i remember correctly), and he has also gotten nominated for best new talent.

* terry dowling's massive 'rynemonn', from forever shores, (and which is the end of the tom tyson saga) picked up a novella nomination.

* kyla ward at ashamel has picked up a short story nomination for her fine story 'kijin tea'.

* so too did deb biancotti, who picked up a nomination for her fine surreal piece 'the singular life of eddy dovewater'.

* agog! terrific tales, edited by cat sparks, southern blood, edited by bill congreve, elsewhereedited by michael barry, and forever shores, edited by peter mcnamara and margaret winch have all picked up best anthology nominations. (follow the links to the people and books.)

* and finally, your humble livejournal poster, after selling fiction for nine years, has been nominated for a best new talent. it is, however, a nice thought, so if you voted, much thanks. if not, thanks anyhow.

the awards are given out conflux in canberra at the end of april. in case you're wondering, i will be there, if for no other reason than to kick that rumour that i'm a middle aged man or whatever else it's been said of me over time... so yeah, if you're going to be there, come along, say hi, that sort of thing.

if you're not going to canberra (and lets face it, there's nothing in canberra), but you've some urge to vote anyhow, you can apparently spend ten australian bucks and get a voting form to show your love.

but i wouldn't.

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