Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Radio SMEG

the radio show, the radio show.

that was done last night, and i really can't tell you if i was fascinating or, perhaps more likely, not. the oddest thing for me was that i had no real audience to play off. you do a panel, or you speak publicly, there's always that body--that physical evidence--of an audience out there and their reactions coming in second by second, so you can pick if you're heading down a path of soul searing boredom or if you told one dick joke too many... but on the radio, you've just got a couple of other guys sitting in a box, and the rule of thumb to use them to guide you along is only useful up to a certain point, because they're not the audience. (well, actually, they might be. i mean, it is community radio.) so all i can say is that i was there, i spoke, and i leave it to other people to say if i was entertaining or interesting or none of the above.

still, it was fun, and for a wednesday night, there are much worse things to do than appear on a radio show.
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