Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Big Fish.

i saw big fish, the new tim burton film.

i could write a long post about this film, but i won't. instead, i want you to picture a chocolate eclair that would take you two hours to eat. it's got that fluffy pastry, the whipped cream, and chocolate, maybe a bit of confectionery sugar, and is just so very very sweet. you can see the entire eclair when you look at it: there are no surprises. it will end with that sugar rush, perhaps even with a hidden pocket of extra sugariness to cause your eyes to water up, or your gag reflex to kick in. you begin to eat this eclair, fast or slow, it doesn't matter, because it'll take you around two hours, and it will be sweet, but with every bite you take, you realise that there's no texture to this puffy pastry, nothing hidden beneath it's sugar outside. you will eat it, and at the end, feel slightly ill because, you know, it was a lot of eclair to force down your throat. then, perhaps as pearl jam kicks into one of their heavy, ponderous ballads, you'll look around and remark to your companion that, honestly, you're still hungry and it doesn't feel like you had a thing.

this is big fish.
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