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New Music.

it must that time of year when i get bored and hate all the music i've got and want to hear something new. thankfully, warren ellis has gone insane and told people to send him their music. i am currently downloading 'science city zero' by someone called bitshifter, who made the song with a nintendo gameboy. i fully expect it to be a pile of shit, but i'm willing to try anything once.

but ellis' insanity has already proved fruitful. i found jillianann and a couple of her fine, dark songs through the site. they remind me of the city at two am, moving from artificial fueled life to dead empty streets in erratic heart beats. if this lasts a couple more listens, i'll put up the cash for her album while running through the rest of the downloads she has there.

if i do this, i'll chip in for freeheat's ep, too, despite the fact that i think doing away with eps and replacing them as free downloads is the way to go.

that said, if anyone has any music they'd like to share, feel free. anything goes.
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