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quote: 'the Net will supposedly do away with the institutional fabric of modern urban life. no more libraries, no more museums, no more theatres, schools, or hospitals. just Net sites. on the other hand, unable (inevitably) to imagine a really different future, mitchell tarts up his pedestrian daydreams with the glamour of the city and the virtues of urbanity. surfing the internet is 'like baudelaire strolling through the buzzing complexity of nineteenth-century paris.' 'click click through cyberspace; this is the new architectural promenade.''

james donald, Imaging the Modern City.

this quote has kicked off a thought in my head. on a normal week, i converse with people in america, melbourne, ireland, england, iceland, germany, and people in various stages of sydney living. my point being, with the click click click of my mouse, the boundaries of my city have spread, turned into an electronic sprawl of interpersonal relationships.

i do not believe that the internet will take over the world, due the feel of people fearing copyright breaches, download time for anything like a simple tune, modem speeds, the fact that staring at an image and being right in front of a work of art are two different things, and of course, the ever existing desire to make money out in the empty cyber space. it just won't replace the city.

but the internet has changed the city.

something for me to look into, i think.


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Apr. 26th, 2002 09:45 am (UTC)
methinks person who wrote that is along the lines of the people who thought computers would bring about the paperless office....
Apr. 26th, 2002 08:45 pm (UTC)
probably one of those people who believe the net will change the world, without actually considering that anyone beyond lower middle class can't afford the type of life they subscribe out for the good of the world.

if only the world was giving away free computers. i'd line up for that... and who wouldn't?
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