Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Doctorow Paper.

yes, that is cory doctorow's paper taken from here. it's pretty interesting, but a fucking bastard to read off his site as total text, so, mostly for myself, i linked it up here to be able to read. i also cleared out the hypertext bits and so forth.

as i've said before, i didn't really get into doctorow's book down and out in the magic kingdom. i read it on the site, liked the first twenty pages or so, and bought myself a copy, because i wanted to support doctorow's experiment. it's a fantastic idea, and if he can harness it... well, then surely others could too? (though an argument could be made that doctorow's unique position in the net world is what has allowed him to do this, but still.) the book as a whole went in different directions to where i wanted it too, and i was just frustrated by the whole murder mystery in the background. i've been told that if i was more of a techno geek, then it would have meant more, i could have referenced it to linux and windows or some sort of shit and so on and so forth, but since i am not said geek, the argument is more than a little pointless. i was pleased to support the experiment, but i won't go back for the second novel, despite it's funky title.

but what doctorow says interests me. this won't be a surprise to people who read my little comments about downloading, and so i'm going to go off, read this article even more, and then come back to this.

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