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Sky Writing.

I had never given it much thought until yesterday, but advertising through sky writing is stupid and pointless.

The words 'Zoom - Zoom' written in the sky, breaking up before the second zoom is even in place, hardly hold ones attention, but more than that, don't really tell you that it's a courier service. Or at least, I think it's a courier service. It could be a printing service, now that I think about it. Christ, it could have been a service that took your dead and put them into a glass cell before they reanimated themselves and turned into fucking zombies for all I know. The fact is that I've just got no idea what the sky writer is advertising, much less where I can go to find this service or item. In fact, all I have is a collection of words sitting around in my head like dead lumps, waiting to be shocked into life by some piece of well thought out advertising.

Well, maybe not well thought out. I mean, the commercials for digital television are seriously irritating--like political campaign irritating. "Where does all this great new technology come from?" asks Magda, looking as if someone has jammed her payment down her throat and she is choking on it. And well she should, for the answer is obviously not the people who've been paid to advertise digital TV.

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