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it's Sunday.

yesterday, in a bookstore, i listened to the owner tell me that the majority of readers don't care about quality, all they care about is orcs and spaceships and big dicks, whatever the prop design of the genre is. it's a theory i've heard before, and i don't pay it much attention. one person's quality is not another's, there are different ways to read a book (i am always slightly reminded of barthes' writerly and readerly text every time someone brings it up to me), but i'm always mildly bothered by the self righteousness that accompanies this little observation.

i am currently working nicely away on a walking tour of the dreaming city (my thesis/novel, which currently has this title), ignoring the observations of book sellers, and enjoying the nice summer breeze out back as i type. i am producing two rough chapters a week at the moment. this will likely change next week, when i spend two days running a speculative fiction workshop. they're pretty full days, and i've got some planning and preparation to do, but i knew it'd be there. (and it's money, which i desperately need right about now.) but the two chapters are working at an average of two thousand words a go.

i've heard of writers who can push out five thousand words a day, but my limit of a first draft is about a thousand. i'm slow, but where's the rush? rewriting is a different thing, moving anywhere from five hundred to five thousand, depending on the demands. i've actually produced a plan and little check list for this novel, due to its mosaic structure, and there's a certain satisfaction in realising you've only got five small chapters and two large ones left. if all goes well, at the end of February the rough draft'll be done, and i can return to research on racial identity and cities, and begin rewriting with that twisting the nature of the chapters. i can also begin putting together the theory section, which'll be much less enjoyable.

i did get my review back, and it was positive, with the work being called creative and varied which, at it's embryo stage, is a fine thing to hear.

for the people who're interested in what i've been doing in a walking tour of the dreaming city (maybe two of you) my story, 'the dreaming city', which will be appearing in leviathan four, is a piece that orbits the novel. the story takes a few of the ideas and concepts i couldn't use in the novel, but should one read it when it comes out, one will have a good feel for the work i've been doing lately.


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Jan. 18th, 2004 09:13 am (UTC)
How do I get copies of your work?
Jan. 18th, 2004 03:36 pm (UTC)
you can go here:


which is an online bookstore, specialising in australian books. you can purchase alot of them also at publisher sites, though i have heard that some of them have got overseas distribution, but i have no idea if that has happened for newer things like forever shores. if you go to www.wakefieldpress.com.au you'll be able to get it.

and lastly, if you want to get a copy of leviathan 4, you can preorder a copy at www.nightshadebooks.com or at amazon (which might be cheaper).


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