Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Lord of the Rings: Every Bloody One.

i went to the movie marathon that played all three rings films, back to back, and which began somewhere around nine thirty in the evening, and finished at seven this morning. i did this because, evidently, i have a lot of time to spare.

i went to a similar thing last year for the fellowship of the ring and the two towers, and it was totally sold out, crushed full of people, so i thought this might be the case for all three, but not so. it was full, though, and i did run into j, which was nice, as i likely won't run into her again until february or something now. she had a pillow, btw, and as did many others in the theatre. i didn't, but i did wish i had that pizza someone was eating around me. that would've gone well.

speaking on general terms, the three films play out nicely together. i suspect that the three extended versions will play out better, making the films slightly more coherent, as the extended versions already do. but otherwise, they all play nicely, and characters evolve or devolve when called for, and there are some truly fantastic battle scenes, especially in the return of the king. that siege of the white city, and the arrival of the rohan forces, is really quite spectacular. i have read in some places that people with medieval battle knowledge think that there are some stupid things going on, but in a film with elves, dwarves, wizards, and giant eagles and dragons, that the inaccuracy in depicting a battle scene (or having a tactic that would make a battle tactician weep) is not exactly what i'd call a shocking thing here. it's just gotta look cool.

and it does.

in fact, my motto for the whole three rings films, is it's just gotta look cool. these are big budget switch your brain off, try not to think about the plot holes too much, fantasy films, and jackson has given three finely crafted things. a bit of humour, a bit of death, a bit of dramatics, and a couple of endings, where you really only needed one. just one ending would have gone down nicely. the boat leaving, for example, or maybe the coronation of the king. i would have liked the film to end with sam and frodo sitting in the middle of lava, waiting for their death, but no one ever goes along with me. but come on, how much better would the film have been with the heroes dying, overwhelmed by nature as it erupts around them?

or maybe i just want to see some dead hobbits. likely. i can't stand them fucking hobbits, especially in the books (actually, i despise the books), so perhaps i just want some dead hobbits floating down the stream.

i did miss christopher lee, but i imagine he will be back in the extended version, just as sean bean was for the two towers, in a scene that i thought was vitally important to the second and even third film. i would have liked more of the returning king, since, well, for gods sake, the film is called the return of the king, but that subplot exists more strongly in the extended versions, too. actually, pretty much all my complaints are things that i reckon i will see settled in the extended version, so i'm not too fussed, and in watching all three in one sitting (well, give or take one sitting, since there were breaks), actually gave them a nice arc and resolution. (would've liked some ents at that battle of the white city, though.)

so, anyhow, went and saw, was pretty much in keeping with the first two films, and then left at seven this morning.

maybe i need a hobby.

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