Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Looney Tunes: Back In Action.

yeah, yeah, yeah, i went and saw looney tunes: back in action. i really like the original looney tunes stuff, with bugs and daffy in the hunting season skits, and the various daffy duck literature figure spoofs (buck rogers, sherlock holmes), and i'm pretty fond of wiley e. coyote. i've always liked them, what can i say? sylvester and tweety drive me a bit insane, and fog horn leghorn was pretty much a character i would change the channel on. anyhow, i went and saw it.

bit of a shame, really.

humans and looney tunes don't mix. steve martin in some silly wig and big glasses is just annoying. jenna elfman always kinda irritates me. brendan frasier... well, i kinda like him, and he has fun with his role, and so, it appears, is timothy dalton as an aging spy who gets caught. but you know, who goes to watch people in looney tunes? you go to watch bugs and daffy and all the other guys and, really, they've taken second string to the real actors and all the largely pointless references to old films.

(there are a lot of pointless references to other films in this film. okay, some are funny, but you can't help but think that hey, if they'd spent a bit less time on referencing these films, that they might've made a funnier film.)

i knew i shouldn't have gone, but i did anyway, and the few jokes that worked didn't make up for it.

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