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i found this film timescape for fifteen bucks on dvd. it was sitting there, looking promising with its cheapness and the fact that it was made by david twohy, who made pitch black and below, films that i quite enjoyed. anyhow, so i'm standing in the store, doing my xmas shopping and i'm mostly bored and the bright colours of the centre are dazzling me and the music is making me think buy buy buy be happy with consumerism buy buy buy and here is this film and it's fifteen fucking dollars and the next thing i know i'm turning it over in my hand and the music is rising and the cover catches the light just right...

i bought it.

and it's pretty shit.

the plot is stupid: a bunch of strange travellers arrive in a town to watch a spectacle. they're odd and never talk and can't act very well and drink strange tea... yes, they're from the future, and they're here to watch a natural disaster, cause, you know, there ain't none of that in the future. it's perfect as one attractive blonde woman with no acting career said. (her name is emelia crow and, shockingly, timescape was the last film she appeared in, before one episode of star trek deep space nine sealed her fate. gotta love the imdb.) anyhow, the main guy in the film, jeff daniels, who is wondering what the fuck he did wrong to end up here, is a bit of an alcoholic, has the fairly horrible memory of his wife's death to live with (the one good thing in the film) and a daughter who later star in the jurassic park films. anyhow, it's no great shakes to learn the blonde woman learns some empathy, the daughter dies, and daniels travels through time to make everything right. if this sounds familiar to you, then it's because it's based off a c l moore story, though really, there are dozens of things like this out there.

for all it's crap, what mainly lets it down is that it's a tv movie from the early nineties, with no budget, and what budget there was got blown on cocaine to bribe the bbc or whatever to put it on. it's just uninspired, limp, and fairly damn predicable, with no real hint of the fine horror/sci fi films twohy would make later in below and pitch black.

in fact, there is only one real reason to watch this film (outside it being hot and having the time to spare), and that's for the scene where jeff daniels' wife is kicked to death by a horse at the beginning of the film. the horse has a nice touch of menace in it. and when i say the only reason to watch this film, i mean, don't watch the film and just take my word for it.

(i suppose it's also pretty funny when the people from the future dress up for a mardi gras as their next stop, and look like they're from the set of the original star trek that shatner would shag and their leader, who isn't going to the mardi gras, looks like a bad marlon brando from superman.)

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