Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

things have slowed down here for the moment. i've an essay due on Wednesday and i've some extra work, if just for the week. so if this is a bit slower right now, then that is because it is.

just thought i'd drop that in for the few people who drop by here. regular broadcasting to resume shortly. indeed, it might continue nicely.

i read an interesting essay about democracy and cities, and basically how the two found themselves. gave a couple of examples, and spent a lot of time on the privatization of the world around us. globalisation gets a bit of a mention. (and can you say it is good or bad for globalisation?)

of course, the thought i had as i was reading this was on the privatization of the private home. in one way, the two works link it together, and i am sure someone has drawn the lines between the two. but consider: what exactly in the home is free? what is provided by the government? very little. and that doesn't take into account such things as the things you put in your home. in many ways, a home resembles a tiny mall. you walk through the little rooms, and they are the parts of mall. the mall is--though i can't think of any source to back me up--purposely mirroring the home so that the consumer can see what would look nice here, and what would look nice there.

and then, the mall changes slightly. has new things, new ways of setting stuff out, moves various items around, and this influences then transfers to the home. so blur blur blur.

the other question i've raised over the narrative of the book is how to take a cyclic theme to it, and just what to play with on the cycles. do i want far order or near order influences (lefebvre) and transfer them to a story. do i work on the city of a year? or a weekend? i think weekend, and... hmm. i dunno. i want to show cycles, the cycles of the city, the rhythm.

so what does that mean?

many, many things. for some unknown reason i am thinking of dentist appointments right now...

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