Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

For the Kiddies in the Heart of Democracy.

"NEW YORK - It didn't take long, and just in time for the holidays, the "Captured Saddam," action figure, presumably fresh out of an imaginary spider-hole, has been rushed to store shelves.

"We got him," advertises "We are thrilled at the fact that we can respond to new world circumstances within 24 hours.

"We still mold and hand paint each and every action figure right here in the Good Old USA," adds the company which specializes in political playthings, and also is proud to feature Uday Hussein and macabre DOA Uday dolls.

Also in the company's line-up are an artificially muscled George W. Bush, talking and non-talking versions; an Osama Bin Laden, and an earlier "Butcher of Baghdad" model of Saddam, clad in an S and M outfit, sold separately, black beret and sunglasses.

For the European front, the company features a Tony Blair "Talking British Ally" model; and Gerhard Schroeder in camouflage; and French President Jacque Chirac, whom it calls "le Worm" in a flouncy French maid's outfit. France and Germany opposed the US-led war in Iraq."

the toy company is here.

however, here's the in supremely bad taste uday doll:

Here's what Uday says:

"Someone must help me. I . . . I am still alive only I am very badly burned. Anyone! Can somone please call my father? I am in alot of pain, I am very badly burned so if you could just (gunshot), you shot me !! Why did you (3 gun shots)"

fucking hell.

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