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Blog Hunting.

in the lazy, mindless haze of the day (which involved a not so lazy but totally mindless couple of hours xmas shopping) i created a game.

it's called

Blog Hunting.

the game is simple, and is one that can be played in a group of friends, or with the unwitting assistance of people you barely know. it requires you only to know that they have a blog (or livejournal, deadjournal, whatever). they must also use this blog as a personal diary of sorts. if you are playing the game outside your circle of friends, the best kind of blog, i believe, belongs to those who use their blog in a way similar to how reality tv has structured itself: in short, the writer is the star of their own bland thirty minutes, where they tell you about their tepid personal history and sex life, the jobs that aren't very important, and how their parents screwed them over. the details might change from blog to blog, but i'm sure you get the drift.

(if you are playing with your friends, then all that is needed is for them to have a blog.)

the aim, then, is, when in the presence of these people, to say inflammatory things that they will then reproduce upon their blog. depending on your own personal nature, these remarks will either be designed for humour, or to simply prove your own superiority, and hijack their blank remarks with your own. the superiority angle comes from the fact that to properly blog hunt someone, they cannot be aware of the fact that they are the target.

this, of course, makes it easier to blog hunt the casual acquaintance, given that you will most likely have neither a dislike or like for them. the become, instead, your pawn. blog hunting in a tight knit group of friends would become slightly harder, naturally, unless of course you don't want to bring up the concept of blog hunting to your friends before you set out to hijack their writing. given the kind of friends you may or may not have, the choice is up to you. it is also possible to blog hunt as a group, and at the end of a week, try and count who scored the most. in this highly blog filled net, the only problem for such an event, is making sure that you know of the blogs that you are hunting.

but the true joy, i believe, will come from blog hunting the acquaintance. a person you work with, maybe even your boss, having heard your remarks, and who has gone home and written it up in their blog. in most cases, i imagine that the blogger will change your words, and you can then begin a campaign of distorted chinese whispers with your acquaintance, turning them, essentially, into your blog bitch.

so, there you have it, blog hunting. good for parties.

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