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today was a good writing day.

the next three months are going to be filled with little comments like this as i work towards finishing the first readable draft of my novel/thesis. if it's not done in the next three months... well, i'll become one of those doctorate students who sit around and claim to be in their fifth and sixth year and boiling the found meat bones i take from butcher bins for food. so, i'm going to avoid that. hence, comments like, good writing day, or bad one, and if there isn't one for a while, people can say, hey, what the fuck? you better still be working.

of course, this last bit of november is for finishing a couple of short stories that i've had around, and to get some of the weirdness out of my system that won't fit in a walking tour of the dreaming city. so, today, i sat around, typed, retyped, retyped some more, and then reached the end of my retyping. tomorrow, there will likely be more retyping, but today was good, and i nailed down the pacing, the final touches of the character, and the bits and pieces that will hopefully work as motifs and which navigate the central narrative to create a stronger read.


tomorrow might have me sitting there and saying, 'well, that didn't work,' and i'll rip bits and pieces out of it, but otherwise it was a good day.

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