Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

World Fantasy Awards.

over at world fantasy awards, forrest aguirre and jeff vandermeer have picked up an award for their anthology leviathan three. which is pretty cool, on a couple of levels: firstly, cause they're a pair of interesting guys with interesting goals for the speculative fiction world, and the anthology represents this, and secondly, and totally selfish, i'm in leviathan four, which has now become a world fantasy award winning series. this ought to mean a bunch of extra folk pick up the new book when it's released, which is always a good thing.

anyhow, out of the other winners (that i've read), i can honestly recommend tracking down jeff ford's collection the fantasy writer's assistant and other stories, and zoran zivkovic's novella 'the library', which is in leviathan three, and is quite the scene stealer.
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