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quick reviews/opinions of things i've enjoyed of late:

the thackery t lambshead pocket guide eccentric and discredited diseases, edited by jeff vandermeer and mark roberts.

i suspect that this book will go down as a cult classic. at it's basic level, it is a disease guide for authors such as neil gaiman, alan moore, china mieville, jeff ford, liz williams, stepan chapman, and shelly jackson, among others, to create some diseases. weird, funny, gross, and occasionally a dull, once the book finishes with diseases, it twists off into recollections of its creator, thackery t lambshead, who, at one hundred and three, continues strong while not believing in pills. on the surface, this might not appear to be the most fascinating book, or the kind of book you can recommend. but it is. it's lavishly designed and illustrated by john coulthart, and has a mad little energy behind it, and the enthusiasm virtually leaps from the page.

it might turn some people off, but this is not a book that is read in one or two sittings. it won't be enjoyable this way, i don't think. instead, you'll flip, here and there, back and forth, but it's all the more enjoyable for this reading practice. and in the end, you'll say, like me, that it's a most enjoyable reading experience and recommend it to folks you know who like odd disease guides and the experiences of an odd man with some of them.

freddy vs jason.

yes, i went and saw it.

i went, partly, because ronny yu, the director, made bride of chunky, and i had a ball watching that. i defy anyone not to enjoy a film where chucky, the knife wielding doll, gets laid. (well, okay, there are probably a bunch of you.) so, based off this, and based on the fact that it appeared to be a fairly b-grade premise that would allow yu to shine once again, i went along. and i got pretty much what i expected: blood, laughs, and a cast who are meant to be in high school, but would easily be in the mid twenties. the lead of the cast is monica keena, who is attractive in a molded, not born kind of way, but she holds the film together. still, in the end, she's not important. you have freddy and jason and they go at it, and the film doesn't take itself seriously, and there are no reason surprises, but yu delivers a solid, well made film. of course, it goes without saying that the premise is stupid, the terror non-existent, and the dialogue serviceable at best. but this is what a solid, b grade horror flick about a guy who kills you in his dreams, and another guy who cannot die but has a hockey mask and machete, is.

you'll also marvel at just how close crystal lake and elm street really are. just a short jaunt, really.

the black keys: thickfreakness

and finally, the cd i've been listening too all week. the black keys, a blues/rock band from somewhere out of america, as far as i'm aware. the surprising thing about this textured, funky album, is that the black keys are a two piece band, front with dan auerback's voice and guitar and patrick carney's drums. but you'd be hard pressed the prove this while listening to the album. they've produced a fine thing, and i like it, and folks should download a few songs. favourites for me are 'hard row' 'have love, will travel' 'midnight in her eyes' and 'i cry alone'.


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Oct. 26th, 2003 08:20 am (UTC)
I stand up to your defiment. I can easily not enjoy a film where Chucky gets laid.

In fact, Chucky getting laid would be reason one for me NOT to enjoy the film, followed by a host of other reasons.

Oct. 26th, 2003 02:41 pm (UTC)
oh mari mari mari...

well, it's understandable, i guess.
Oct. 27th, 2003 07:23 pm (UTC)
IN one of those weird coincidence thingies...

So I'm sitting in class tonight, and our professor, the mad scientist type who likes to throw out weird jokes and stories about phytoplankton every once in wild, pulls up a picture of a [sudden hesitation on the part of the writer, who realizes that she should know damn well which sort of phytoplankton he was talking about, but doesn't] phytoplankton. "Well," he said, an evil note entering his voice, "actually, a [insert phytoplankton name here] AFTER CHUCKY HAS HAD HIS WILD WAY WITH IT!" He paused. "Well, actually, I'm not sure that he would make such neat dissections. But anyway...." he continued, as dazed people wrote down "Chucky" on their notes...

You know, it's weird. I can go weeks, months, YEARS even without anybody mentioning Chucky, or Chucky's bride, or anything remotely connected to Chucky, and all of a sudden this is the Week of Chucky.

Oct. 29th, 2003 04:07 am (UTC)
i think what this is telling you is that you should go and watch 'bride of chucky'. yes indeed. heh.
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